Quality of life in the workplace

Helight™ light acts on stress, mood and concentration

Helight ™ offers an innovative technology to fight stress, improve workplace health and enhance employee performance. Helight™ photobiomodulation provides companies and work organizations with a solution developed with our scientific committee. 10 minutes is enough to achieve results similar to that of a nap or meditation session. Easy to use, it is accessible to all. It's an excellent tool to promote quality of work life (QWL) and reduce psychosocial risks (PSR), it acts effectively on stress, mood and concentration with a direct impact on sleep quality and ultimately on overall personal performance. It also contributes to the reduction of sick leave and burnout. The Helight™ PRO device is suitable for all types of businesses, from small and medium businesses (SMB) to large group, and adapts to all kinds of spaces.

  • 100% natural

  • Non invasive

  • Without side effects

  • Painless

Your employees will be

more relaxed


less stressed

more productive


The 10-minute relaxation session was conceived and programmed with Dr. Gronfier, Doctor in Neuroscience and specialist in biological rhythms. Helight™ PRO is a non-medical device that does not require any specific qualification other than a short training.

  • Simple to use

    Can easily be used by an employee

  • Compact and mobile

    Can be easily stored and moved

  • Without heat

    Cold light without heat emission

  • Noiseless

    Completely silent operation

100% natural - non invasive - without side effects - painless

Enter the modern era

Choosing Helight™ for your business is choosing a new tool serving human resources, a new technology at the cutting edge of development, already used in the world of aesthetics, health and even sports with excellent results. By giving your employees access to care directly in their workplace, you increase their productivity through better concentration, better mood and a state of wellness. This is the anti-stress effect provided by Helight™ light.

Quality of life at work, a topical issue

‟Increase harmony, cohesion, team agility, attract and retain talent. To meet these challenges, more and more companies are banking on devices that promote well-being at work.”

LES ECHOS - 2017
Le bien-être au travail incite les salariés à s’engager - Daniel Rovira

‟90% of managers and employees agree that health contributes to the perfor- mance of the company (source Malakoff Médéric 2017)” (...) “37% less sick leave: this is what which occurs when employees feel that the quality of life is good in their company (source Malakoff Médéric 2017). ”

Hors série MANAGEMENT - 2018

‟If malaise has a cost, measurable for example in terms of absenteeism - 16.6 days per year on average in our country, according to the latest study Aym- ing-TNS Sofres - we discover that happiness at work is a source of economic performance. (...) "Happy employees are half as sick, six times less absent, nine times more loyal, 31% more productive and 55% more creative," says Laurence Vanhée, quoting American studies of MIT or Harvard.”

L’EXPRESS - 2016
La mélodie du bonheur dans l'entreprise - Christine Halary avec Emmanuel Botta

‟The index of well-being at work shows the extent of this problem: the malaise has cost, in 2013, 13,500 euros per employee and per year to the companies, ie “a national annual loss of 200 billion euros,“ say Mozart Consulting and the Apicil Group.”

Les grands Dossiers Sciences Humaines N°34
Changer le travail - Laura Bayoumy

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